Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation in West Palmdale, CA

As you age, you may notice dark patches appear on your skin. Age spots, also known as liver spots, are small, flat, brown patches that typically appear on areas of the skin that are exposed to sunlight, such as the face, arms, shoulders, and hands. Although typically harmless, age spots can cause a patient to appear older and decrease self-esteem. Other forms of hyperpigmentation, such as acne scars, sun spots, and melasma, can appear anywhere on the body and vary in size, shape, and color. These dark, patchy areas can be removed or minimized to help enhance your appearance and boost your confidence. At Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa, we offer a variety of treatments to reduce the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Contact our team today to learn about the available therapies at our West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi, CA practices.

Our team proudly offers a variety of advanced treatments to minimize the appearance of dark patches associated with age spots and hyperpigmentation. Age spots can be treated in several ways, such as laser therapy, chemical peels, and professional skin care products. After a thorough evaluation at Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa, a custom treatment plan will be created to address your age spots and hyperpigmentation. Each treatment plan will be made with your personal needs and goals in mind and tailored to your complexion. Your treatment plan may include one or more treatment methods to optimize your results.

Age spots and hyperpigmentation can occur due to various factors, such as sun exposure, genetics, pregnancy, and more. Since there are numerous factors that cause these skin conditions, a comprehensive skin evaluation is necessary for proper diagnosis, and it is important to be aware of the symptoms associated with each condition. Some common symptoms include:

Age spots:

  • Can be grouped together
  • Tan to dark brown in color
  • Flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation
  • Occur on skin often exposed to the sun (hands, tops of feet, face, upper back, and shoulders)
  • Range in size (freckle size to about 13mm across)


  • Raised dark patches growing in size
  • Discolored patches that become darker after sun exposure
  • Patches of varying shades of brown or black
  • Discoloration noticed after injury or inflammation on the skin

I see Michelle the Nurse Practitioner and she is amazing at what she does! She is very honest and doesn't recommend things that won't benefit you. Thank you Michelle for doing my cosmetic treatments. Highly recommend

R.V. Yelp

Front staff, back staff and Provider Michelle was awesome. Everyone was really helpful

M.R. Yelp

I am so upset right now, I was a new client going in for my very first visit for Botox , my appointment was at 4pm and they literally just called me at 3:05pm to tell me she is rescheduling my appointment to Tuesday, not even giving me the option or explaining why. This appointment was reserved one month ago. That is very unprofessional and they definitely lost a new client. The girl in the front needs training she comes off as very rude and is always calling out. They should’ve given me a heads up at least one to two days before but one hour before the procedure is very inconsiderate and unprofessional. ***UPDATE*** The Office Manager Eloísa called me to apologize for the bad experience I encountered. She made me feel comfortable and secure enough to give them a chance to do the services I wanted. I went in on 4/12 and had a great experience with Eloisa, Michelle and Lora. Overall I do recommend Sandhu Dermatology, thank you ladies for the great experience.

M.S. Google

My mother was a new patient here a week ago. The reception lady with the glasses was a bit rude but the back office was so sweet the medical assistant was so nice and genuine I forgot her name but she's young with green eyes you can't miss her and dr harika was amazing definitely would recommend I will like to say thank you to them.

E.R. Yelp

My skin is absolutely flawless! Thanks to the Sandhu doctors; they are not only good at what they do, but their customer service is exceptional. I love going back each time!

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If you are struggling with dark patches on your skin, contact Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa today to schedule a consultation. Our team offers advanced services in West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi, CA to help minimize the appearance of age spots and hyperpigmentation. Don't let age spots and hyperpigmentation make you look older than you are. Contact us today to get the younger-looking skin you desire.

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