Basal Cell Carcinoma in West Palmdale, CA

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a type of skin cancer that usually manifests as a glassy bump on the skin, like a zit. The growth can appear glazed, pearly, white, pink, brown, or black. Basal cell carcinomas appear if DNA alterations occur in the skin cells due to frequent ultraviolet exposure, whether from the sun or cosmetic tanning machines. Standard areas are the face, neck, head, nose, torso, legs, and arms. At Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa, our skilled team uses advanced techniques, including Mohs surgery, to treat various kinds of skin cancer, such as BCC. Call us at your earliest convenience to schedule a visit at one of our practices in West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi, CA for a skin cancer test to get started.

Whether this is your first bout with basal cell carcinoma or you are dealing with BCC that has come back, the caring team at Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa is available to help you. Our team has numerous treatment options for addressing BCC. The treatment chosen will depend on the needs of the individual and the depth and phase of the skin cancer. Usually, we start with the most minimally challenging option and progress to more advanced strategies if needed. Therapy options for BCC include:

  • Electrodesiccation and curettage (ED&C)
  • Mohs micrographic surgery
  • Medication (biological therapy or immunotherapy)
  • Photodynamic therapy (light therapy)
  • Topical chemotherapy
  • Cryosurgery
  • Surgical removal of the malignant cells

Initially, BCC presents as a bump that doesn't clear up or heal. It tends to develop steadily, but if left untreated, it may become dangerous and spread wide and deep beneath the skin. BCC commonly presents as:

  • Unfamiliar or growing plaques
  • Outgrowths that can be uncomfortable
  • Growths that intermittently bleed for no reason
  • Can be dark-colored, olive, rosy, deep or flesh-colored, bright red, or pale, and often shiny or pearly

Basal cell carcinoma is often responsive to treatment if diagnosed early enough, but it should be treated immediately to accomplish the optimal outcome. Routine skin exams are recommended to detect signs of skin cancer and receive treatment before it spreads.

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When you notice an abnormal lesion on your skin, we recommend that you don't wait to have it checked by a specialist. When you are facing a skin cancer diagnosis, the Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa team of medical professionals is here to offer effective therapies, such as Mohs surgery, for BCC. Contact Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa with practice locations in West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi, CA to schedule a visit to see us right away.


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