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Warts are a common skin condition, most often found on the palms, fingers, and near the nails. Warts typically look like small, fleshy peas, but they may differ in size. It's also common for warts to appear in groups near the elbows and knees. Warts are caused by HPV, otherwise known as the human papillomavirus. Although warts are harmless for the most part, they may be annoying and unattractive. Over-the-counter wart removal products aren't normally enough, which is why we proudly offer wart removal at our practices in West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, and Tehachapi, CA. If you have a wart or other skin growth, schedule a consultation at Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa to have it removed.

Warts can reoccur after your first therapy so it's important to find the right treatment to reduce future outbreaks. Freezing a wart is a standard therapy and can be performed with success. With this method, we use liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart away. A blister will develop around the wart, and the frozen tissues will fall off within a week. Another option is applying cantharidin, a substance that can lead to skin redness once applied to a wart. This chemical is placed on the skin to form a blister around the wart. This is a common and popular therapy since the technique causes little to no pain. Burning (electrosurgery) or cryotherapy (freezing) may also be used, as well as scraping with a curette or cutting away the wart(s). Chemical peels, laser treatments, bleomycin injections, or immunotherapy are also options if the wart is hard to remove.

Common symptoms of warts include lumps that are tender and grainy at the top and feel fleshy. The area near the wart may be rough to the touch. Other symptoms of warts can vary, depending on the type and location of the wart. Some of these include:

Plantar warts (foot warts):

  • Appear on the soles of the feet
  • Brown or flesh-colored bumps that are marked with tiny, black spots, which are clotted blood vessels

Flat warts:

  • Smoother and smaller
  • Can grow anywhere
  • Most common on the face and legs

This is a great dermatologist. Highly recommended. I had 2 moles removed by Dr. Sandhu, and he did a fantastic job, especially for both moles being on my head. I also received 2 separate courtesy calls from his office to check if the healing of them were going well. If I ever have a similar need I will definitely be going back to him.

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Though many warts are harmless, you probably would like them removed as soon as possible. Rather than spending time with over-the-counter treatments, get your wart(s) checked out by a trained professional. We will inspect the wart(s) to determine the best treatment plan to meet your needs. Contact Sandhu Dermatology & Med Spa in West Palmdale, Ridgecrest, or Tehachapi, CA to schedule an appointment to treat existing warts and minimize future outbreaks.

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