Varicose Veins


Endovenous Laser Treatment is a non-surgical procedure that completely eliminates unsightly large painful varicose veins. This procedure is done in the comfort of our office, if you are a candidate this procedure is covered by most insurance plans.This very popular treatment is used to treat blood vessels or blood vessel/vascular malformations AKA those large painful visible “rope” like veins both in men and women. An injection of the common medication used “Polidocanol” is used to assist with collapsing the vein from the point of origin this can take several treatments to obtain the maximum results.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive medical procedure used to treat varicose and spider veins, most commonly found on the legs, by collapsing them through the use of a solvent. Sclerotherapy has been used on patients since the 1930s with great success, producing increasingly effective medical, as well as cosmetic, results.

During sclerotherapy, a solution of saline and a sclerosant is injected into the damaged veins. This will cause irritation in the affected veins and produce their eventual collapse. During this procedure, the surgeon is guided through the use of ultrasound to ensure precision. When the weakened veins collapse, they will be reabsorbed into the body and other healthier veins will take their place in the circulatory system.

Sclerotherapy has proven to be a safe procedure and is performed outpatient in the doctor’s office. Typically, sclerotherapy is performed in less than an hour, although a varying number of injections may be required, depending on the number of veins involved. Patients do not require an anesthetic and usually report little or no discomfort during the procedure, only a mild burning sensation. In some instances, several sclerotherapy treatments may be necessary.

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